Use Case

Early Leak or Flood Detection in Pump Rooms and Pits

Quick Summary:

Application: Wireless Water Leak Monitoring in Distributed Pump Rooms & Pits

Industry / Customer : Building & Facilities Management, Water Utilities, Theme Parks, Process Industries

Technology Stack : Leak Sensor + rEye IoT Adaptor + Sigfox/NB-IoT Network + Cloud Based Software + SMS / WhatsApp/ Email Alerts

Key Benefits : Easy to Install | Low Network Subscription Costs | Real Time 24/7 Visibility for Peace of Mind | Easy to Use Web Based Platform | Instant SMS /Email / WhatsApp Alerts

Water Leaks in pump rooms & pits is a very common problem encountered by operations & maintenance personnel, whether they manage commercial or residential buildings & estates, water theme parks, pumping stations or a manufacturing plant. A leak in the pump room due to a pipe burst or a seal / joint break can quickly lead to a flood that can have severe consequences. It could result in damage to property and equipment, wastage of water, disruption to service, loss of revenue and in some cases it can tarnish reputation. (Example 1 , Example 2)

Currently, the most standard approach to detect leaks or prevent floods is to do a regular manual check to ensure everything is in order. However this can be tedious, especially if you are managing many pumps that are distributed across a large geographical area or are located in difficult to reach areas. Manual checking is labor-intensive, prone to human error, reactive and unsafe in some cases.

Ideally, all your pump rooms should be constantly talking to you and informing you the moment a leak happens. Early detection of a leak means you can take corrective actions before the situation escalates and causes significant damage. With such a system you won't have to send your engineers or technicians for regular site checks. You would also have all the data in digital format for reporting, analysis and predictive maintenance.

SpaceAge Labs' remoteEye IoT Platform along with the right leak sensor (with dry contact signal) can provide such a solution. An easy to install leak sensor is placed in the pump room and connected to rEye IoT AdaptorAs soon as a leak is detected the adaptor transmits a signal wirelessly to our software rEye IoT Cloud. The software immediately triggers an alert (SMS/WhatsApp/Email) to the maintenance team for immediate action. The leak event and response time is recorded for future reporting and analysis. You can monitor all your pump rooms from the comfort of your office or home, on a mobile phone or laptop.

Our solution is ideal for this use case because:

1) It transmits data using latest wireless technologies such as Sigfox & NB-IoT. Using these networks don't require you to set up or spend on any additional routers. You just turn on our IoT Adaptor and it connects to these networks provided by various Telcos.

2) The network subscription cost for Sigfox or NB-IoT is as low as $2 a month. This a 5-10 times reduction from 3G/4G network costs.


3) Our software helps you monitor the location and status of all your pump rooms from an easy to use, beautiful web based platform. Historical data is logged for building dashboards, reports and further detailed analytics. 

4) Our platform is scalable and you can add other sensors to the same system. For example - you could monitor other things such as pump performance (pressure, flow, energy, vibration, temperature) . In fact you can add any sensor that has RS485, Analog or Digital signal.

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