Use Case

Toxicity Monitoring in Sewer Networks

Quick Summary:

Application: Toxicity Monitoring in Sewer Networks

Industry / Customer : Water Utilities

Technology Stack : I2BioS Heavy Metal Detection Sensor + rEye IoT Adaptor + LTE-M/NB-IoT Network + Cloud Based Software + SMS / WhatsApp/ Email Alerts

Key Benefits : Easy to Install | Low Network Subscription Costs | Real Time 24/7 Visibility for Peace of Mind | Easy to Use Web Based Platform | Instant SMS /Email / WhatsApp Alerts

Through its unique heavy metal detection sensor, I2BioS, our customer EnvironSens has been working on protecting the sewer network of Singapore against high concentrations of heavy metals and cyanides; hence safeguarding the water quality of the NEWater (reclaimed water) plants in Singapore which are producing 20 million US gallons per day (76,000 m3/d).  NEWater currently meets up to 40% of Singapore's present needs, and the figure is expected to go up to 55% by 2060.


In order to monitor the installed I2BioS sensors remotely and to get real-time alerts and insights using advanced data analytics, Environsens collaborated with SpaceAge Labs for developing an IoT system using our full-stack remoteEye IoT platform which works on reliable, secure and scalable AWS Cloud Infrastructure. In the last one year, EnvironSens has detected more than 20 incidents which have breached the trade effluent discharge limits. We have installed 60 devices so far and aim to install 100 more such devices in the near future.

Our solution is ideal for this use case because:

1) It transmits data using latest wireless technologies such as LTE-M & NB-IoT. Using these networks don't require you to set up or spend on any additional routers. You just turn on our IoT Adaptor and it connects to these networks provided by various Telcos.

2) The network subscription cost for NB-IoT / LTE-M is as low as $2 a month. This a 5-10 times reduction from 3G/4G network costs.


3) Our software helps EnvironSens monitor the location and status of all its sensors from an easy to use, beautiful web based platform. Historical data is logged for building dashboards, reports and further detailed analytics. 

This collaboration was recently featured in ImagineH2O's 2019 Impact Report.

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